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The Impulse Purchase: (click on small images to see full image)

I was in the market for a Pantera...had a December trip to Pantera International lined up to look at some cars...and found the Northern California Pantera Club was meeting on the last Thursday of November, 2006.

So Jill and I fired up the daily and found the Coco's restaurant. Turning off the Lawrence Expressway, we were right behind one...I went "LOOK, JILL!! There's one in front of us". Boy did it sound and look nice. Once in the meeting we introduced ourselves and said I was looking for a good driveable car. I'm too old and too impatient to wait 2 years for a car needing a major restoration.

Later in the meeting, Jim Kuehne got up and announced he had a car for sale. Another visitor and myself both expressed an interest in seeing it. During the bench racing session after formal business was concluded I asked Roger Sharp, Tom Galli and a couple of other astute looking members in the eye and asked them two questions. Were they familiar with the car Jim had for sale? They all said "Yes" and, while maintaining eye contact, asked if it was a car they'd like to have.

All their eyes lit up, accompanied by enthusiastic affirmative responses. I could see each of them picturing themselves as the owner and driving it themselves.

So...we eventually followed Jim over to his fabulous corporate garage. Where, among other things, a beautiful burgundy Mangusta was revealed. Jim put on his best Oklahoma accent and played it cool with two potential buyers...talking about the car (it was beautiful at first sight)...then lighting it up (which had me wanting the car).

I asked the price. Jim asked a fair one...the other potential buyer indicated it was more than he really wanted to spend. I turned to Jill..."I only have about $50 in my pocket! I don't suppose you have your checkbook with you?"

Jill rolled her eyes and nodded...yes..I have my checkbook. A check was written and I became the proud owner of #3797.

These pictures were taken about a week later while I waited for Jim to re-install the A/C. I took possession the week before Xmas. Just in time to have the most wonderful of little boxes under the tree.

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