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The car:

1972 Pre-L Pantera #3797

What it is:

One of the wonderful things about owning a Pantera is the different ways people improve upon the original. My car is currently configured as follows:

  • 1972 Pre-L. Manufactured June 1972.
  • VIN: THPNMK03797
  • 392 CID Windsor (6.5L) - Ford Racing Products - M6007-D392FT
  • Holley 750 Double Pumper
  • Original ZF Transaxle
  • MSD 6AL Ignition with 6000 RPM Rev Limiter
  • Aviaid 9 Quart Oil Pan
  • Hall Windsor Headers - Coated
  • Pantera Performance Pre-L Exhaust
  • Koni Shocks
  • Autometer Ultralite Instruments. Voltmeter.
  • Pantera East Billet Aluminum Wheels.
  • 335/35ZR17 Rear Tires
  • 235/40ZR17 Front Tires

What is was:

1972 Pre-L Pantera #3797

Living with it:

Things happen when driving a Pantera. Some of which are attributable to the driver. Some of which are...well...just make sure people can really see you...and watch your speed coming off exits...

  • Other drivers cranking down their windows...cupping their ear with their hand...and being rewarded with a full throttle pass!
  • At the pump: Is that a Ferrari?
  • At the pump: I had one once...I know someone who had one...I saw one once...
  • At the pump: When I finish the film I'm making...I'm gonna get me one of those...
  • At the pump: (My favorite) Do you mind if I take a picture of your car?
  • On the road: Rear windows coming down...passengers hanging out to check out the car
  • On the road: Everyone freezing at 4 way the Pantera free passage...just wanting to watch it drive through, I suppose...
  • On the road: Tailgaters...backing off for the first time in their lives due to unusually high carbon monoxide levels in the air...
  • On the road: Tailwinds at stop lights...threatening to asphyxiate the driver unless the fan is turned on.
  • Favorite from a woman: "I get w**, just looking at it!"
  • Top Gear segment on the Pantera
  • Whimsical ode to owning a nice toy (toy.mp3 2.88MB)
  • The list goes on....

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