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Well...after waiting through 3 weeks of unrelenting rain...I finally got the car up to RPM Engineering in Rohnert Park, gave them the keys and let them Dyno Tune the car. Below is a copy of the dyno results. A very satisfying 383 HP and 388 ft-lb of Torque at the rear wheels. Assuming a 15% loss through the drive train...this puts the HP at 451 and Torque at 457 at the flywheel.
The timing was almost spot on, and the rear jets were stepped up yet another size, and one spring was replaced on the Holley.
No good news ever seems to arrive without the accompaniment of some bad news. The throttle now has a tendency to stick (despite the new throttle cable)...and a nickel size chunk of paint popped off the top flat section of the door onto the mechanic's shirt. Right where the door meets the rear quarter panel, confirming my suspicion that while the paint job looks OK, it is in fact at least the third layer of paint that has been laid down since the car was original. Looks like a complete strip and repaint is in order. The paint has also split with a hairline crack above the left front wheel in recent months.
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