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Peace of Mind - Network Engineering (415) 722-1755

We offer a complete array of Internet services.

We believe that the best solutions are only achieved by truly understanding your needs. Ethics, cost-effectiveness and being there when you need us are the cornerstones of our business. Let us show you how to achieve peace of mind for all your Internet needs.

Domain Name Registration

We are an authorized affiliate of Network Solutions, the premier domain name registration service.

Web Site Development
  HTML Coding
  Active Server Pages programming
  Javascipt programming
  SSL - Secure Interfaces with Verisign Security
  Electonic payment processing
  Search Engine Registration
Web Site Hosting

Web Hosting Rates
  Standard Premium Custom
Disk Space 10 Mb 50 MB 10 MB
Transfer Quota* 1 Gb / month 5 Gb / month $10 Gb/month
POP3 Email Accounts 5 15 30
Domain Registration Yes Yes Yes
Log access and reporting Yes Yes Yes
SSL Server for Secure Transactions No Yes Yes
Active Server Pages Yes Yes, and .NET Yes, and .NET
Subdomains No Yes Yes
SQL Server No Yes Yes
E-Commerce No Yes Yes
FrontPageŽ 2000 Yes Yes Yes
FTP Access Yes Yes Yes
Backups Weekly Nightly Nightly
Price Startup: $50 Startup: $50 Startup: $50
Monthly: $15 Monthly: $30 Monthly: $50 and up
Billed bi-monthly Billed bi-monthly Billed Monthly
*Additional transfer over the allotted limit will be charged at a rate of 2˘ / MB.
Additional disk space is $1 / 10MB / Month, plus a $10 order charge.
Additional Email POPs - $10 / month / 10 additional Pop's
E-commerce may require additional costs depending on who your backend processor is.
Additional ActiveX controls may have additional costs associated with them
Customer requested web site administration/development is $75.00 per hour
Updated 5/1/2002

Our servers are co-located at Nacio Inc., Northern California's premier co-location facility.


All of our servers are Pentium III class machines or higher and feature the following:

RAID Level 5 - Fault tolerant SCSI 160 or higher disk arrays.

Fault tolerant - Redundant Network Interface Cards and Power Supplies.

24x7 Support - We will know if there is a problem before you do.

Our servers are configured according to your needs:

FTP Access - Full access to your web site at all times.

SSL - Verisign Secure Socket Layers.

Database Support - Microsoft SQL Server 6.5, 7.0 and 2000. Also Microsoft Access.

Electronic Commerce - Verisign, The Processing Net, or other back end transaction processors.

Search Engine Registration

Attract to your web site the kind of people you want. We will work with you to register your site with the appropriate directory services (there are over 100) according to the needs of your site. Learn how many different ways you can publicize your site.

Web Site Management
  Traffic analysis by WebTrends.
  Password protected adminstration areas allow you to monitor and control your site.

A web site needs to be dynamic over time. Webmaster your site yourself or learn how. Weekly statistics of the visitors to your site are a free service. Monitor the number and types of people visiting your site.

Training, Service & Support

The requirements for dynamic and successful web site are many and varied. We have had success with our clients by positioning them appropriately at the outset and allowing them to grow and respond to the changing needs of their customers and the internet.